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When the twelfth house is so strongly accented, as it is now for you, it is a time of enormous creativity. The remarkable part about this new moon is that Uranus is perfectly positioned to shower you with several happy surprises. One of them is how prescient you will be—friends will be amazed. You may want to spend the first three weeks of September alone, tinkering with a creative artistic or literary project that requires concentration on your part. You can alternatively work on your thesis or opening or closing remarks for the courtroom, as some examples.

Preparation leads to success, and never more than now. If you feel a need to see a professional to talk over a troubling problem, this month would be the perfect time to do it. Start as early in the month as possible to capture the beautiful energy of the twelfth house new moon that first appeared two days before the start of September on August 30, in Virgo at seven degrees. The twelfth house also rules places of healing and confinement, such as rehab centers, hospitals, physical therapy facilities, post-operative recovery centers, nursing homes, and so forth.

You might be mixing with medical personnel this month whether to consult a specialist to help you with your mind, body, or spirit, or to support a close friend or relative who needs some of your good cheer and encouragement while they get well. With the Sun in perfect angle to Saturn on September 6, the outcome of the treatment would be positive and long-lasting.

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Write For CrystalWind. Guest Post Policy. As the seventh sign of the zodiac, Libra represents the seventh stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. The first six signs represent man's attention turned inward to understand and develop his individuality and position in the cosmos. The rest of the signs represent his attention turned outward to humanity as a whole. Libra is not merely the sign of partnership, it is the sign of other people in general. Libra is the balance between the individual and society. To attain the understanding man seeks in Libra, there must be a compromise between the passion and the intellect.

The physical world must come to terms with the nonphysical world. The objectivity of judgment needed for these tasks is characteristic of the Libran temperament. Un-evolved Librans can be cold and unemotional or unable to make decisions. But this is not true of mature Librans in whom such traits merely represent attempts to reach true objectivity. Librans are doers. In spite of their need to be liked, and reluctance to face confrontations, they are surprisingly strong-willed.

They set out to accomplish their goals and will find ways to succeed one way or another, usually by using their wit and charm. The "iron fist in a velvet glove" approach is one key to their success.

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When such ploys are ineffective however, they can become uncharacteristically aggressive and determined to solve the matter then and there. Their change of attitude in such situations is usually effective enough to catch others off guard and allow the Librans to gain control. If they become convinced nothing more is to be gained no matter what they do, they won't hesitate to walk away from a situation with no further explanation or thought of returning. The Scales are Libra's astrological symbol and Librans require balance in their lives.

In relationships, they invariably give back in kind what they have been given.

Librans react to everything they experience in life with an intellectual orientation. Before they take physical action, before they assess the practical worth of something, and before they sort out their true emotions, they try to visualize it objectively as a kind of mental exercise.

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It would be a mistake to believe they lack passion. They can be outrageous flirts and true romantics.

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Their passion is not apt to be sustained however, if their interest in someone does not include intellectual rapport as well as physical attraction. Venus, planet of beauty and social grace, rules Libra. They get emotional, physical, and psychological pleasure from beauty in all forms. Books, music, flowers, and perfume are typical delights. If their environment is not esthetically pleasing, they can become unhappy without even realizing that their surroundings may be at least partly responsible for their depression.

For Librans, social grace begins with good manners, extends to high level diplomacy, and ends with abhorrence of disagreeable confrontations. When forced to endure a fractious environment, they lose ability to think or function efficiently. They promote peace and harmony, and will invariably opt to bypass hostile confrontations whenever some equally effective method can be employed.

Though they need partnership and association with other people, they do not like crowds and attempt to avoid them whenever possible. Librans can exert impressive physical energy but the stamina they need to do it tends to run in cycles. They work hard, play hard, and then collapse into inertia until nature restores the balance and their energy returns. Addicted to the luxuries and creature comforts of life, Librans have a lazy streak, especially when it comes to physical exercise.

Few of them will walk if they can ride. Fondness for rich food sugar is their biggest weakness makes it necessary to get proper physical exercise. However, if they have not been thoroughly indoctrinated to the virtues of physical fitness from childhood, and in the meanwhile nothing or no one has come along to inspire them to stay in shape, they simply turn into marshmallows.

Tennis, hiking, horseback riding, skating, and aerobics are a few activities with special appeal for Librans. Click Here Now! Latest Articles.

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