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Such is the nature of Mars. In this regard, Mars is the fixer of problems that arise and of taking care of things that demand immediate attention. Also, Mars is the energy to move extremely fast and intensely for a short period of time. Mars is also the planet that initiates activity based upon what it believes in. Mars represents the energy of holding our ground and standing up behind our beliefs.

This is why Mars is said to be the planet that gets activated when one gets into altercations or when countries go to war. The thing about Mars is that it will aggressively go after the thing that it has deemed is necessary to do. It is a very excitable energy and at times can be hard to contain. Mars is like the caveman who beats his mate over the head and drags her back to his cave. This is the passion of the Martial energy.

It sees what it wants and takes it whatever way it needs to get it. It is very intense in its action and operates in a very straightforward manner towards achieving the desired end.

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A very important point, however, is that Mars on its own is not necessarily the energy that represents sexuality. It is when Mars is influenced by Venus that this becomes prevalent. This is where sexual passion really gets brought out. Now, Venus on its own is not inasmuch a passionate energy as it is a sensual one.

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The Venusian energy is very much related to experiencing the comforts the world has to offer. In this context then we can see that Venus is about pleasurable experiences. This has a hand in why Venus is related to things like romantic relationships and sensual pleasures. Earlier I mentioned how Venus is a feminine planet.

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This is about wanting and desiring something to be experienced or had that one currently does not have. Venus gets one involved with wanting those things that will provide the person with comfort and pleasure.

Now, pair this with Mars and there is the combination of desire and intense pursuit—hence passion. We actually only have Mars being fully influenced by Venus by being in Taurus.

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For him, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology all came together at roughly the same period in his life because of a health crisis and then from just wanting to explore deeper into these sciences. He has been studying since and has studied under Ernst Wilhelm and Ryan Kurczak and has operated his own Astrology practice since He sees astrology as a language of nature that expresses itself constantly in our everyday lives on a very gross level as well as, and perhaps most importantly, on a subtle level.

Through the process of study, contemplation, and then through the lens of direct observation he has gained a deeper appreciation of how the macrocosm and microcosm interplay and are interwoven into the fabric of life and then how this can affect each individually differently.

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Through this understanding then one can start to better unlock their full potential and start to work through the spiritual process of letting go of the things that hold them back so they can take steps towards leading a deeper, more fulfilling life. Articles published by Basmati.

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From diminishing addictive responses to enhancing glandular activity, the gong can play an important role as a Both are so On January 20th at pm Central Standard time, we will experience one of the most dramatic lunar eclipses of the decade. The complete blackout of October begins with a beautiful triangle of Mars, Venus and Mercury in very favorable signs, giving us the energy, creativity, and After spending a month in the Intensive Care Unit, Venus is finally well again.

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August was a debilitated month for Venus in Virgo, creating problems in relationships and Venus is the planet of sensuality and love while Our friend Mercury Since the most ancient of times, in all cultures, and before all religions, the day of Summer Solstice Scorpios and Arians, whose signs are associated with Backwards — into the Future! April brings a shower of planets apparently moving backward, or retrograding, in the sky.

Retrograde planets bring special challenges and opportunities, both in the current time cycle and in our birth charts. In Vedic astrology, the March brings us the first day of spring Vernal Equinox on the 20th and begins with a Full Moon on the 1st and a second Blue Moon in a row on the 31st. Plus, we Many people know their Sun sign at least their Western Sun sign , but only a few know their birthday planet.

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