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Our birth chart is literally everything the same.

Friendship Compatibility For scorpio And scorpio

Risings are Aquarius and Moons are Aries Our relationship is totally all or nothing. We have so much common, especially interests so no matter what we do, we can find enjoyment in it.

He is very sexually powered, but somehow Im not? I thought Scorpios were supposed to be intense in that way. I mean, I guess we are. We bring a lot of stubborn emotion into play time and arguments. But, our loyalty and lifetimr promises are strong. Our desire to better ourselves for each other although never changes is the drive that keeps us together and in love. I am a Scorpio and have fell for a Scorpio woman but she has a boyfriend who is also a Scorpio. They recently broke up but before I could tell her how I felt they where back together again. She broke up with him before they got back together.

My birthday is and his is the bond is so strong but still I do want to know if our dates is compatible.

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility |

Scorpio is scorpio loyalty is undeniable, but still there are some factors. Can you check on us please, thank you. My relationship is going not so great. He tells me I need to be patient. Patience what is that? It drives my emotional ass mad. This relationship is confusing. Recently started new flame we are both Scorpios his is November, 10th and im the 11th I have no questions.

I fell in love with a Scorpio girl when I was Our birthdays are six days and one year apart. I broke her heart and we went in different directions. I tried many times to reach out to her, to let her know how I felt about her. I thought about her everyday even when i tried not to. We talked for a while but we frustrated each other with problems from our marriages and decided not to talk till we were free.

We lost contact. Come to find out she left him and has had two bad relationships and is still with the second. There has been times when ive forced myself to give up, but just as sure as I wake up she crosses my mind. Can you tell me what it says about us in the charts? We met when I was a junior in high school and things just have been a rollercoaster ever since I found out I was pregnant. Before that we were madly in love constantly loving each other no matter where we were or who was around. When I found out I was pregnant everything turned bad he started cheating on me physically mentally and emotionally fighting me.

These past years we had our ups and downs where we would be the best of friends and just like that the worst of enemies. Lately we have been coming to good terms for the sake of our son and all of a sudden his and my sexual vibes are starting to rub off each other like when we first met. With us being older now could this be a good thing or a bad thing? What does the charts say about us!? You have a child together so he will always be there which does not mean you have to be with him, to be with him.

Other signs may have intense sexual passion but no emotional, or emotional but no sexual, or I may find partners who are either too needy for me to handle or I become needy out of insecurity scorpions like to be reminded they are loved this is true for me so with another Scorpio, it just is the right blend.

Scorpio male Scorpio female compatibility

We have minor issues and they rarely ever come up. We are strong and supportive of eachothers ambitions. Both goofy, sensitive, ridiculously goal driven but love sentimental time reassuring eachother and snacking and cuddling hilarious we have onesies. We sound needy but we also have such independence with work and work so hard.

We do honestly I think take pride at how commited we are to each other and we are both ridiculously goofy.


We are loyalt to one another. We are sensitive and guiding with one another. I think Scorpio and Scorpio bond can be very strong when both are able to cool any heat and be open, listen and love. I also think we will make great parents one day when we are ready because we are both so excited about life and supportive of anything and everything that a child could want to be passionate about!

At the end of the day they would always make up and live a loving life together. As for being the child of two Scorpios, sure they provided me everything I wanted to learn and what they want me to learn but it was always on their terms. It caused a lot of emotional and mental instability and years of therapy has yet to fix. For the Scorpios loving Scorpios, please love your children unconditionally and allow them to grow with your guidance in a nurturing environment in their own way and live the lives they so choose.

Just only now catching up on these Comments!! Love to connect with you Sarah as ive never met another sister with the same birthday. How can I possibly love again?? So soon?? Ever at all?? The guilt and confliction i feel is pulling me so hard in all directions. My worst nightmare and the reality of being the man i feel so much for. I have fallen head over heels for a Scorpio who started very passionately with me, and then returned home and became distant. December 2nd I met a scorpio man.

We share the same birthday, even the same year. We talked for hours about our lives and struggles. How you all get Scorpios? I had like just one ex and he was not an evolved one, so dying to get an evolved Scorpio in my life like crazy. No one can get us like Scorpios do.. I just read your piece and I was wondering how this scheme may interact with rising signs.

Does this amplify the type of intensity you depict here? Hi, Im a Scorpio born on November 3rd, He was born on November 12th , Can you tell me if we fit?

I am scorpio man and have had two two marriages with Sagittarius women incidentally both lawyers — uff these MOODS needed a LOT of patience and understanding from my side, and at some point I gave up explaining myself because I felt there was no serious interaction possible any more! Now I have found a Scorpio girl 23 years younger than me! We have very different backgrounds, come from different cultures and also social classes! We talk all night, having sex all hours.

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These sleepless nights did not stop over the last months. I love the way she thinks, she is direct to the extent of hurtful. I am experienced in relationships with expressive women and I know when to exercise patience with some radical words and behavior. After all, a look into her eyes clears up a lot of the spite in her words, often her radical words and her feelings are quiet different!

And I can see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch. I love the intensity of that girl! But I am sure that I would have not managed this relationship when I was younger, I would have reacted too sensitive and would not have had enough patience with her. Learning to be patient with a woman was probably the most difficult thing over the last 25 years of my love life! But it is worth it! Only when you forgive and are kind, you can really conquer the heart of a woman! Now this is the first relationship of this kind for me, I had younger women as partners but never more then years.

A quarter of a century is actually a different generation. But it works! She appreciates my experience, being settled as man in my life, and the patience and understanding I have for her fears or anxieties. I love her youthful power and her intensity! Her intelligent way of understanding a world that she knows much less than I do. I know I have to be forgiving with my lovely scorpio girl, she sometimes tries to test my love and commitment to her.