Aries horoscope january 24 birthday

January 24 individuals are often the rebel but may feel guilty for not conforming to the expectations of their parents. They are sometimes insecure about their abilities as parents.

They want to avoid mistakes their parents made but still set standards to help their youngsters become worthwhile adults. The rebellious nature of January 24 men and women is often reflected in the on-again, off-again way they adhere to a health program. They have great vitality but may not take care to preserve it. January 24 individuals may experience career success early. This can actually be a drawback if they cannot summon the motivation to move on. They have the potential to win and lose a great deal of money but may need some reality checks before they know how to manage it.

People born on January 24 are devoted to career goals but need to learn that there are other important dreams that require just as much nurturing and intensity.

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They have the potential to do amazing things but may require the validation of others to believe in themselves. Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. People born specifically on the 24th of January are generally charming, sensitive and friendly as well as fairly logical and open minded. Similar to the average Aquarian zodiac sign description you have a strong independent streak with the contradictory need to belong. The astrological planet that rules this particular day is Venus producing highly creative personalities that have a great appreciation of anything beautiful.

If you have this birthday you are easygoing and you non confrontational attitude makes you excellent at compromising. Your self sufficiency is typical of all water bearers but you also love other peoples company so you tend to be more sociable for an Aquarius.

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In addition to this sociability individual's with a January the twenty fourth birthday also have a serious and extremely hard working side. You take your responsibilities seriously but you are good at pacing yourself and knowing when to take a break when you need one. Finding a suitable job choice direction is usually quite easy to a person born on the twenty fourth day of January. This is because you are likely to know what you want to do career wise from an early age and you are prepared to work tirelessly towards it.

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You are strongly motivated and ambitious so are sure to succeed in the work you choose. Managing your personal finances may not be so simple as you can be a little irresponsible where money is concerned. Individuals with this particular birth date are spenders rather than savers and could run into problems with cash flow if they are not careful. For an Aquarian, the person born on the twenty fourth day of January is untypically not so fearful of rejection and needs to feel loved.

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Although you are still a bit cautious and slightly aloof emotionally your natural charm, sweet talking and friendliness help you easily attract the attention of others. You look for a partner who is affectionate and loyal and will understand your free-spirited but emotional and sometimes temperamental personality. You really cherish loyalty in personal relationships and need a partner who shares the same view before you will be ready to commit. In a long term relationship with a soul mate you are seductively warm, appreciative and protective.

You seem to naturally insist on your independence and time with friends or alone but are occasionally a bit jealous if a partner wishes to do something without you. Health concerns for those born on January 24th are sometimes the result of your inability to preserve your vitality.

You know the things that are good and bad for your well being yet you tend to more often than not ignore this knowledge you have gained from experience. People born on this day may be a little neglectful of their general constitution but they are often somewhat concerned with their weight. You enjoy your food and try to adopt healthy eating so you just usually need to balance this out with enough physical exercise to maintain your ideal shape as well as your levels of energy and sparkle.

Your main strengths of character are in your magnetism, flowing stream of creativity and lightness in spirit.

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These charismatic characteristics are inspirational to others and are often the key to much of the progress you make in life. Weaknesses of temperament in those born on January 24th include the proneness to on occasion act self centered with your actions or be especially patronizing with words.

These negative traits can reveal themselves when your feelings have been hurt in some way.

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They also appear in frustration if you believe you are definitely right about something and someone is not listening. Being born on the 24th of January suggests you base the majority of your goals around progression in your career. This continues until you realize that work is not everything and there is lots more to aspire to, gain and appreciate in life. At this stage you may begin to dream of achieving other things like building some forms of stable financial and emotional security. Other ambitions dreamt about can involve aims like learning to drive, traveling afar and finding someone special who is as faithful as you are.

Another private wish is to be able to save or win enough money to go on a trip around the world. As you were born on the twenty fourth day of the month your date of birth total makes a Root number of Six. This numerical birthday reference has the keyword 'Social' indentifying your captivating and agreeable mannerisms. The 6th Major Arcana Tarot card depicting the Lovers is linked to your birthday probably signifying your intense, sometimes hidden, desire to be loved.

Born on the Zodiac Cusp

The gem Turquoise is designated the luckiest precious stone to wear for those with January the twenty fourth birthdays. It is thought to induce calmness in the wearer, bring luck and increase self confidence in times of doubt. The planet Uranus is assumed to be the biggest astrological influence in forming all Aquarian individualistic personalities. The actual day you were born, the twenty fourth of January is ruled by the planetary influences of Venus. These pair of planets are authoritative in determining the major parts of your disposition and probable reactive behaviors. Your magnetic self reliance, peacefully resistant aura and laid-back outlook will help you go far in life.

All you really need to do to perhaps be any happier is to learn to cope more effectively with disappointments. A finalizing thought for people born on January 24th is to embrace and express your originality but try not to alienate others in the process. Birthday Horoscope January 25th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 25th. Birthday Horoscope January 26th, personal asctrological characteristic for those who were born on January 26th.

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