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Mercury spends the summer going back and forth between Cancer and Leo, making it time for some serious heart-to-hearts. What do you and your partner really need from each other—and how much are you willing to give? Common ground may be hard to find, with a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Cancer opposite Saturn and Pluto in your sign June Year of Money is no joke, Capricorn—but you know better than to take it too seriously.

Old, reliable income streams may have dried up, but this cleared the way for new opportunities to start flowing in. All these gifts should come in handy around the Aquarius new moon on February 4, when Mercury also in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus. Some unexpected expenses may pop up—possibly related to home or family—but try to take them in stride. Money management is just one part of a very diverse skill set—and the spring of provides plenty of opportunities to show off your range at work! You are one of the most ambitious signs in the entire zodiac, but with your empty career house, you are less so than usual this year.

Keep in mind goats that almost all the long term planets are in the night side of your chart - the bottom half.

After December 3, when Jupiter the opportunist moves into your sign, you will have a very short but sweet insight into what is going to look like career wise and life wise. Venus is your career planet and a very fast-moving planet.

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She will move even faster than usual too. So you will go through many career ups and downs throughout the year but when all is said and done, looks like being a very stable year career wise indeed. While you earthlings are always interested in finances and having money set aside for this and that, is not an especially prosperous year for the majority of you. However there are some major planetary changes that are sure to affect your money zone. Especially the movement of Uranus the planet of the unexpected and your financial planet making a major move March 7 out of your 4th house and into your 5th house - your 5th house of self-fulfillment and creativity.

There are important financial developments happening for you in Capricorns. Things change after March 7 with the financial planet all sorts of ventures. Some of them riskier than others. Investing in real estate for example is more than likely going to be a prosperous undertaking in the years to come, especially if the whispers of a recession next year are true. Buy low sell high. Same as buying gold, silver and copper shares. Uranus as your financial planet also shows an affinity for technology and the world of online and internet musings, another area you could think about getting into and investing in.

A Lunar Eclipse in your sign January 5 sets the tone for you really thinking about the future holds for you and being open to trying new things and experimenting.

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Some of you might even have fear about what the future holds so early on in the year too. However rather than giving into your fears and not doing the things you really want to do Capricorns, you need to dig deep and confront your fears head on. Ask for help if you need it.

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No hell you actually can very definitely feel fabulous now! Saturn this year will bring you all the good Saturn things you love like status, security, safety, prudence and earned good karma. He might also slow things down for you so that you really savour and enjoy life to the full. Oh, and did I say maturity? Yes, maturity, maturity, maturity!! If you have worked extremely hard you should get the Saturn bonus of… Saturnalia.


There is excitement afoot when Uranus makes its permanent shift into your 5th house of pleasures on Mar 6 after briefly revisiting your 4th house of home. As a Capricorn, you will prefer that Uranus has moved out of your home sector as you are not a sign that likes disruption and change at the very root of your being. The goat likes firm foundations and that is something that you have found very hard to build while Uranus has been roller-blading through your domestic sector. No more paradigm-shifting Uranus square Pluto and most importantly no more domestic upsets.

However, in your Capricorn Horoscope 2o19, we cannot ignore the Pluto. The dark lord is still making his verrry long journey through your sign. Pluto has been giving you an ongoing soul colonic since and will finally leave you in Obviously, fifteen years is a long time, but the most intense part really was from to with Uranus squaring Pluto. You are well over the mountain peak from that so can breathe a sigh of relief as you wind your way back down to sea level.

Venus conjunct Pluto on Feb 22 brings passion, intensity and a tad of obsession into your love life, either from you or from your partner. Saturn in your sign really is a blessing even if there are some melancholic moments.

So when the black bile rises remember Jupiter will be joining the happy Capricorn party in