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Connecting all bright stars in a constellation with lines, different images in the shape of animals and objects are formed. People named each constellation according to its shape. The International Astronomical Union divided the sky into 88 constellations with precise boundaries, making every star belonging to a particular constellation.

Seen from Earth, the sun moves slowly in the Celestial Sphere and passes through constellations, forming a large circle for a year.

This circle is called Ecliptic. The Ecliptic is divided into twelve equal portions each equivalent to 30 degrees ; each portion was named after the closest constellation.

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All these twelve portions were called Ecliptic Constellations, according to which western horoscope theories developed. The astrologists divide a year is into 12 periods, during each period the sun being in a constellation area.

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People believe that different sun signs of the zodiac present different characteristics and talents. Answers App. Signs And Their Meanings. Astrological Influence Over Your Education.

Taurus Traits, Characteristics, and Personality! Zodiac and Astrology Basics for Beginners and Up*

About Astrology. Astrological Magic Squares as Charms and Talismans. Individuals that study Vedic Astrology will find that there are a variety of vedic books available that focus on the Zodiac Symbols and their true meanings. I am sure at one time or another you have read your daily horoscope, but understanding the different aspects that the signs you were born under and what these predictions mean is much more intense.

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Individuals are always interested in future investments, forms of income, and all matters of money in general. Taurus is the Bull and individuals born under this earth sign, which is the second sign, that is feminine as well as magnetic. Taurus zodiac sign can get to know negative aspect of their sign, general information about their zodiac, and a lot more other pieces of information from the astrological point of their zodiac.

At PavitraJyotish, we offer accurate free Taurus zodiac sign astrology for men and women. Introducing Taurus: Taurus sign is measured as the second sign of the zodiac. It is also the first of fix natured earthly sign.

Planet linked with beauty, attraction, love, Venus rules this sign. Moon becomes exalted here.

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No planet gets debilitated here. Saturn is considered as a most favorable planet for this sign.

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Pavitra Jyotish provides online Astrology services for Taurus Horoscope, daily indication, weekly, monthly and also yearly horoscope prediction to make you aware of development for Taurus Sun sign and Moon Rashi related indications. General Information: This sign is represented by pink color primarily. Most pastel colors, pale hues and floral tone work well for Taurus. Colors like Pale Blues, surf greens and rosy pink matches well with this sign. Bull is measured as a symbol of the sign.


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It is construed as cold, moist, feminine, and negative. It is of short ascension, semi fruitful and eastern. From anatomical view neck, throat, ears, tonsils, pharynx, the upper portion of the esophagus, thyroid gland and vocal chords are in charge of this sign. Pink rose, foxglove, daisy, violet, mallow, berries, sundew, vine, apple, citrus, and palms are the flowers correspond to this sign.

Positive Aspect of Taurus zodiac signs : Native this sign can be trusted and is good a friend. Native can be liked for steadfastness, endurance, persistence, perseverance. Taurus born is self-reliant and has a constructive and practical approach.